Among the Stars

Citadel Hill

(2-8 players,) recommended 4+


(6-10 players)


Dr. Estella may have been rejected from the space program, but she's finding her own dangerous way to the stars. Will you prevent her risky plan before she blasts off?
Rumours of a new discovery at Citadel Hill draw you to investigate. As you slip past the caution tape, however, the noon cannon fires and the door slams behind you...

The Wine Cellar

1943 Halifax



(2-8 players) recommended 4+

(6-15 players)

While enjoying Nova Scotia's finest wine tour, your group wanders off looking for adventure. Can you overcome the challenges of a vengeful vineyard ghost?
It's a cold 1943 morning in Halifax. Your team of detectives are investigating a mysterious death, but the victim's apartment has suspicious secrets that leave you captured.

The Pirates Brig

Distress Signal



(4-8 players)

(3-8 players)

A sudden storm leaves you shipwrecked. As you search for help, you find the site of an old plane crash. Can you salvage the tools you need to call for help? 
A mutiny on your ship has left you and your few loyal crew locked up in the brig. Now you must defeat the scoundrels and escape before they make you walk the plank.

The Elevator


(3-6 players)

Searching for treasure, your group sneaks into an old abandoned hotel. As the elevator climbs, the weather takes a turn for the worse; lightning strikes, and you're stuck!