4-10 players
As members of the press, you’re thrilled to be invited to the exclusive unveiling of a scientific breakthrough. With so much attention, this discovery must be major!

Dr. Estella is professor, researcher, and most importantly, an astronomer. Unfortunately, after years of trying, she was rejected from the space program and her dreams of flying among the stars were crushed. However, that hasn't stopped her from trying to find her own way to the stars.

Today, Dr. Estella has excitedly invited you to witness the accumulation of her life’s work. This story is going to be your big break and, frankly, you need this. Your team hurries to her office to be the first to break the news... but Dr. Estella has a bit more planned than you bargained for. 


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Among the Stars

"The staff are incredible with their welcoming bubbly personalities, and the room we did (Among the Stars) was very challenging ...Thanks for the awesome time, and I recommend everyone try out the Among the Stars room if they haven't yet."
"Just rocked Among the Stars and it was FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to do the next room!"

-Lyndsay C.

- Stephanie T. 

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