2-8 players (recommended 4+)
Recently, rumors have been circulating about a major new archaelogical discover deep within Citadel Hill, but the staff are sworn to secrecy. Curiousity has gotten the best of you and your friends, so you decide to check it out for yourselves. 

Sleuth-like, you mingle with the crowd as the staff prepares to fire the noon gun. While the onlookers gather in one direction, your group quickly go the other way, slipping quietly into the depths of the hill. 

Just moments later, the cannon fires - and the door slams behind you, locking you inside! You figure you've only got an hour until staff changes and they catch you trespassing. What will you find in Citadel Hill before then? 


Games are $27 per person (tax included)

What people are saying about
Cidatel Hill

"Our favourites were 1943 and Citadel Hill, mainly due to the historical elements to them.  The puzzles were well thought out and required just enough of a logic leap to make you feel accomplished when you solved them, but not frustrated trying to figure them out."
"My husband and I did two escape rooms here (Citadel Hill and Distress Signal) both were challenging but winnable with two moderately experienced players. The staff was so friendly and the games were so fun. Wish we’d had time for a third!"

- Sarah B.

- Peg

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