Bring out the best  in your team
Host an unforgettable experience that challenges team's skills in a high-pressure scenario.
Games are scheduled at your convenience and usually during the day, outside of our regular business hours. You are welcomed to bring food into our establishment!

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Get ready to participate in one of the most dynamic, 
intense and fun-packed team building session. Debriefs and development also offered!

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What can an escape room do for my team?
Escape rooms are causing a buzz around the world for their ability to create one of the greatest team building experiences ever. Here at Captured, we have served teams as large as 300! 

Our team building sessions are an unforgettable and unique experience filled with lots of fun and lots of laughter. The players ​have the opportunity to practice and analyze many useful skills in a high-pressure scenario. 

Whether you're looking to improve your teamwork, spark some creativity, or boost your corporate morale, Captured Escape Rooms team building is an opportunity to engage your employees.

Escape rooms  help 
team members pratice
core skills such as:

Creative Thinking

Why do Team Building?

There are so many benefits to a team building session!

Getting out of your workplace is a creative way to take pressure off a team and boost morale. These events add to your corporate culture and identity, and allow your team to leave the comfort zone and build useful skills at the same time. Problem solving, communication, and leadership are main components of team building - especially during an escape room.

It's a rewarding team experience that adds energy and value to your future team meetings and projects - plus, it's a ton of fun. 

To reserve a private session that your

team will not forget,​​ please contact us! 
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 [email protected]