We bring the adventure to you!

Our 2 pop-up escape rooms are perfect for any venue! We bring the thrill of an escape room to your event or gathering with our pop-up tent, full of puzzles and challenges. It's a family-friendly adventure!

Captured Escape Rooms has booked weddings, markets, and conventions with our mobile escape tents, and we're always excited to bring our enthusiam for puzzles and fun to your event. 

The pop-up is played in groups of up to 6 at a time, in ten minute games.

To inquire about our pop-up escape rooms, contact us! 
[email protected]
(902) 422-2224

Rent a pop-up escape room! 
$100/hour+HST,  3 Hour minimum
Mileage charges applies to venues +20km outside of downtown Halifax.


At the annual Knights Tournament, you, a band of petty thieves, are trying to prove yourselves worthy to be part of the Jade Tooth Bandits, the toughest crew in the land. The King has heard word that the band's leader, Five-Fingered-Rohan, is planning to steal the crown during the King's Speech at the opening ceremonies.

One of the guards has accidentally let slip the King's clever plan to wear a fake crown during the ceremony, so while he's on stage, you break into the castle to find the real one. The speech won't be long, though, so you best act quick. You know he won't be leaving the real jewels unattended for long.

Morela's Mystic Fortunes

Step right up! Have your fortune told and behold the mysteries that lie ahead. Witness the Great Morela and all of her secrets.

You cannot change the past, but will you change the future?