6-14 players (8+ recommended)
​​You have received a secret and mysterious invitation to what promises to be “The Party of the Decade”! Flattered, you get all dolled up and make your way to Smugglers End, a local speakeasy hosting the event. After entering the fancy establishment, however, it seems you were the only ones invited. You spend a few moments looking around the empty bar before putting it all together: you’re being framed for the biggest booze smuggling business on the East Coast. Now that your finger prints are all over the scene, you’re going to need to do more than escape before the Coppers arrive.  

*For groups less than 10, there is a puzzle path that becomes optional*

Games are $28 per person (tax included)


What people are saying about
Prohibition: Last Call

Prohibition is a great room full of interesting puzzles and unique tricks. There are opportunities for each  teammate to play to their  strengths and you feel accomplished  when you figure something out. It is great for larger groups and experienced groups. One of the best rooms in Halifax.

-Ashley-Ann M.

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