2-8 players (recommended 4+)
Nova Scotia's finest wine tour ends in the most magnificent of castles. Built in the 1800s, it has a long standing history of housing great casks of red, along with a few haunted friends. In fact, one of its most notable events was the unfortunate death of grounds keeper Fergus while he was tending to a section of the vineyard. Still angry, it is said  he haunts the castle at night and spends most of his time lurking in the wine cellar.

This castle is the final stop on your tour. As you make you way through the it's winding halls, you and a few friends wander off from the tour in search of the infamous cellar. Upon entering its doors, however, you realize Fergus still has a few tricks and traps up his sleeve!

The tour bus leaves in an hour; unless you escape you'll be an unwanted guest in this castle of vengeance...


Games are $28 per person (tax included)

What people are saying about
The Wine Cellar

"We had an excellent time in The Wine Cellar! The clues were challenging, and we had a lot of fun figuring out the puzzles and laughing at ourselves. Escaped with 7 minutes 30 seconds to spare - I highly recommend it!
Great room (Wine Cellar) with some really challenging puzzles. Can't wait to see which of the many rooms we take on next.

- Mike W.

- Erin G.

The adventures continue...